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What's happening in arts and health?
started by Feral Arts, 23 Jul 2010, 5 comments

A conversation about the arts and heath stories in the Pollinate Community

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Neal price Fri, 23 Jul 2010 6:25pm

Greetings interested parties,

Currently, I am chair of the Queensland Arts and Health Consortium a collection of not for profit mental health organizations and mental health consumers who meet monthly in Brisbane. While our resources are few we have managed to undertake one project The Ripple Effect during 2009 and have promoted arts and health activity under development in other Australian states. The Ripple Effect exhibition is a collection of 7 digital images (2x2 metres) based on the issues of living with a mental illness and comments on the current way mental health is delivered in Queensland. This is available to tour and is accompanied by an educational catalogue to stimulate local mental health consumer dialogues. Happy to find new consortium members with an interest in mental health.

Neal Price nealprice@iinet.net.au

Debra Dougherty Wed, 1 Sep 2010 11:33am

In Jan 2010 the Hinterland Art Group had an exhibition at the Butter Factory Arts Center Cooroy, we donated 10% of our proceeds to The Mental Illness Fellowship of Qld. Many members of our group have little difficulties in life, like grief, mood swings, anxiety, forgetfulness... we live a few miles from towns or in little country towns. Most importantly our group gives members a place to meet each other and work on art together, having exhibitions and art play days give us a set time to produce things to show the community. Sharing art and stories make me feel like I really belong in this place. http://ps3beta.com/story/14747?project=7645&cmty=pollinate  

Arts North West Thu, 16 Sep 2010 3:39pm

Here at Arts North West we have few dedicated arts and health projects at the present time but we believe arts has so many health and wellbeing benefits that the concept should be integrated into all that we do.

We have set up (En)Able Arts which allows better communication, support, advice and networking for artists with disabilities and organisations working with artists with disabilities in our region of New South Wales.

We also look to better sustain artistic practice in the region by focusing on conditions for sustainability in independent artistic practice. Isolation and burn-out in arts and the not-for-profit sector are a major issue. Our staff aim to reduce these issues [one-on-one, in groups, via networks and partnerships] by offering services that increase an artist's or an organisation's sense of oneness (a sense of being at one with one’s self, and one’s processes and environment); clear goals; a feeling of control; a dynamic balance of capacities with challenges (or opportunities); and immediate feedback. 

Emmie Sloof Wed, 22 Sep 2010 1:26pm

I am working with an autistic/down syndrome 30yr old young man called Glen Sheppard. He cannot speak and communicates on the FC (Facilitated Communication) Qwerty board . He has written 2 books, and is currently onto his third. He is in his third year at university studying Creative Writing. He is a fine poet and belongs to the Brotherhood of the Wordless (they get together the third Wednesday of the month at Sandgate community hall). I have attended two of their public performances at the Brisbane Library and Judith Wright Centre. He also has spoken at conferences for Disability Qld about the FC.


Neal price Wed, 10 Nov 2010 11:33pm

The Queensland Arts and Health Consortium is presenting a paper The Ripple Effect Project at the Art of Good Health and Well-being conference in Melbourne on Wednesday 17th November. The project will also be shown as 7 digital Billboards during the opening ceremony at 5pm Tuesday 16th November.

Presenters are Neal Price, Scotia Monkivitch, Damian Stewart and Maya Jones. Are any other Queenslanders attending this conference?