We invite you to participate in Postcards From Forever.

As part of our 40th Birthday Celebrations, Footscray Community Arts Centre is collecting stories from the people, artists and communities that have contributed to the history of one of Australia’s leading community engaged arts organisation.

Write a message, create an artwork and share your story – on display during our Birthday Party Event, 8 November 2014 at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

1 Give us an image
2 Who are you?
3 Story title & description
Tell your story of: Your experiences at FCAC/ What does FCAC mean to you / An event that impacted you at FCAC.
4 Location
Where are you now?
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5 Tags
Tags are space separated. Enclose in quotes (e.g. "big wave") for multi-word tags.
Some Suggestions
Community Arts Indigenous Arts Disability Arts Emerging Artists Artist Community Cultural Development Arts and Working Life Writing Theatre Arts and Activism Spoken Word Creative Kids Arts Education Circus Public Art Live Art Sound Art Dance Photography Animation Drawing Painting Music Conference Film Amphitheatre Gallery Exhibition Symposium
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