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started by Feral Arts, 16 May 2012, 7 comments

Deb Mills has distilled a list of discussion topics from the ideas put forward by the Forum partcipants.

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We are keen to get other people's input and feedback. What do you think are the priorities? What have we missed?

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The Institute for Creative Health Wed, 30 May 2012 9:48pm

Some more ideas coming in today:

  • Identification and recruiting of Australian health based research experts to advocate the therapeutic value of arts in health. Can a health industry conference be themed to attract discussion on this? Many health advocates quoted seem to be from overseas, not based locally. It would seem to me that research into indigenous health would be a natural leader in this field. Does this research carry over into the urban population centres?
  • The arts should be clearly positioned as supporting health outcomes not distracting from them. 
  •  The importance of empowerment and inclusiveness especially for people who are ill and have disabilities.
  • Increased awareness of the different roles of  arts therapy and the work of professional artists and the role of both
  • Moral rights issues for artists whose works are in hospitals
  • Given that involvement in the arts has been shown to result in increased health referrals what can we do to build synchronicities between arts centres and health centres. All new Health Centres should include dance floors and arts workshops. What can we learn from indigenous communities here.
  • Health facilities and staff to provide suitable environments, materials and atmosphere with designated workrooms with full disability access and display spaces. 
  • Need for outreach as well as in-house programs, eg some groups could be based in  hospital precincts sharing facilities, storage cupboards, and display space with similar organisations. Opportunities for sharing of facilitator and administration staff.
  • Need for one to one art therapy work with patients in hospital wards.
  • Opportunities for bringing professional performers into wards
  • Digital opportunities for artists/patients in hospitals

The Institute for Creative Health Wed, 30 May 2012 9:54pm

Some further issues as identified by the the Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care:

  • acknowledging the significance, capacity and integrated role of architecture and design (landscape, interior, graphic and industrial), as well as art 
  • recognising the broad scope of art (performance, music, film, visual and literature) , architecture and design (landscape, interior, graphic and industrial) to:
  1. healthcare culture – the way staff treat each other and patients and families, their values
  2. improve healthcare experiences through better environments- for patients, families and staff
  3. be well informed, irrepressibly – enabling diverse narratives
  4. inspire creative approaches and treatments
  5. strengthen communication and participation
  • acknowledging the value of art and design for their own sake as essential to innovation and quality, just as science for science sake is essential to innovation and quality
  • measuring success in relation to quantitative 'quality of life' outcomes (ie do patients feel better) and not reducing all measures of success to quantitative indicators - and acknowledging what can't be easily measured

Jim Chambliss Wed, 13 Jun 2012 3:21pm

Thank you for listing the discussion topics. Will you please add the "Arts of Human Insights Proposal" to the list for discussion. At this time the topic of how art can be used as a means to better understand human health and wellbeing from a diagnostic and interpretative perspective has not been addressed. In addition the topic of what programs will be available for people with chronic physical and mental illness, who are not "disabled," deserves more attention. Over two weeks people who support this proposal will post their responses and/or endorsements as a show of support for the proposal. For further information please link to a summary of the “Art of Human Insights Proposal” at

Jim Chambliss Tue, 26 Jun 2012 1:16pm

The Art of Human Insights Policy Proposal is co-sponsored by the Chronic Illness Alliance, the Dax Centre, Melbourne Medical School, St. Vincent's Hospital, Epilepsy Australia, Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, and the Creative Sparks Project. It is endorsed by Arts Access Victoria and the Cultural Development. It is supported by more than 100 artists with chronic illness. We hope that this policy will be reviewed and considered in the development of the National Arts and Health Policy.

Efterpi Soropos Sun, 24 Jun 2012 10:01am

We need to address the use of Department of Health Funding at National or Sate levels for refurbishing or building hospitals and health facilites.  It has been an undisclosed topic for some time that the policy towards art spending is that 1% of each grant or allocation is to be spent on art. It is usually at the discretion of the architects and developers as to how this is spent and generally it is given to a lucky single artist to create a monolithic art work for entrances. If that is 2 million dollars, imagine how that could be spent by an appointed lead artist who devises aconcept that works with a facilities purpose ie a childrens hospital or aged care facility to scope artists for integrating artworks within the building?

I was at a seminar on hospital design last week, and asked a room full of architects and developers from several recent Melbourne based projects this question and they were quite surprised that it was being questioned as an appropriate use of spending on art. It seems that the culture may change if government had a say in how this policy for 1% to art was spent.

Looking forward to the outcomes. Thank you.

Neal price Mon, 25 Jun 2012 8:08am

Having worked in Arts and Health for over 25 years I am interested in the way the Arts intersect with Health. I have attended many Arts and Health confererences and one issue that often remains undigested is the Art Therapy- Community and Cultural Development relationship. I see these as very different disciplines and think that this needs to be articulated early on in the discussion. While several Art Therapists have claimed that their work is not always about  'Therapy', by calling yourself a therapist, you claim knowledge that you have specialised skills that you will deliver to a recipient. Community Artists and Artsworkers aim to work with the skills of those involved in the project or workshop. In short, they are working with the 'culture' that exists with in the community or the individual is sensitive too. These are two very different ways of working and I think need to be articulated early in any discussion. As a Community Artist I am interested in the issues the community want to explore rather than imposing my own values onto participants. Neal Price.


NeonaTales Admin Tue, 26 Jun 2012 4:17pm

Having read Ms. Mills' detailed draft submission, I agree that arts should be embedded in existing health facilities and activities. Key to the overall discussion should be the emphasis on working towards evidence based arts and health initiatives leading to outcomes which relate to the ideals and goals of both arts and health policy in government.