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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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A Cohesive endevaor to support Sustainable Prosperity with Holsitic Education ,Livelihood , Arts and Homestead .
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Cornell Cooperative Extension puts knowledge to work in pursuit of economic vitality, ecological sustainability and social well-being. We bring...
Shadows of hope in Nicaragua
Sensemaking of my expereinces in Nicaragua
Sounds of my hood
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Free Day
My favourite day of the year (except for Christmas) is Free Day. Some people call it Curbside Collection but I think its cool because of all the...
Postcards From Forever
We invite you to participate in Postcards From Forever. As part of our 40th Birthday Celebrations, Footscray Community Arts Centre is collecting...
In the Language of Flowers
Why does the death of one have more weight, more emotional connection than another? Where are the circles of mourning the strongest and to what, as...
Bundaberg Region Public Art Trail
Discover the public art of the Bundaberg region through this interactive trail.
Making Connections: New Ideas For Appalachia
A Story Bank Sharing New Ideas, Opportunities & Challenges For Rebuilding Appalachia. Produced by Mimi Pickering and Sylvia Ryerson for WMMT-FM and...
Flood Language
Community Scholars Network
This project is intended to be a hub on Placestories for connecting our Community Scholars Workshop Series participants together with the Missouri...
INST 3555: Creating Community-Based Art for Civic Engagement
Creating Community-Based Art for Civic Engagement "Art is supposed to be a part of the whole life of a community....It's supposed to be right in...
INST 2608 - Theatre: Performing/Reforming Society
"the purpose of playing...was and is, to hold, as 'twere, the mirror up to nature; to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very...
Better Block Middlesborough
Over 100 volunteers from 18 states participated in Better Block Middlesborough from October 25-27, 2013. Inexpensive short-term interventions were...
Year of the Rural Arts 2014 Calendar of Events
The Year of the Rural Arts is a biennial program of events, conversations, and online features celebrating the diverse, vital ways in which rural...
Robert E. Gard Wisconsin Idea Foundation Mini Grant Stories
In 2010, to mark the 100th birthday of Robert E. Gard, the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Gard Foundation co-sponsored a symposium based around...
Community Reporters
This is a collaborative space for the Creative Recovery Community Reporters to practice, to share and to explore the notion of community reporting.
Film Festival
The Arts in Health Field in the United States
This project began in 2013 under the title, "The Arts and Healthcare Field in the United States". The project was originally founded and hosted by...
The Art World of Mark Jenkins
6481 to 6500 of 7144
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