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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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STL250 Cakeway to the West--A Neglected History?
The Cakeway to the West is an exhibit that was organized by the non-profit organization STL250 in celebration of St. Louis 250th birthday. The goal...
MILTON is a multiyear performance and community engagement experiment. For the past few years PearlDamour the performance-making duo of Katie Pearl...
Write On!
Write on is a writing workshop aimed at increasing ability and love for the creation of story. Using the Heros Journey story structure as a...
The Converging City
explorations // where st. louis meets itself
Balance-Unbalance 2015
The Balance-Unbalance 2015 International conference theme, Water, Climate, Place: Re-Imagining Environments is aimed to provoke discussion and...
The Artjahr Tree
In Celebration of UNBROKEN dedication of UNKNOWN Artists "Since the earliest times - from the cave artists to the modern painters - artists have...
TM is coming to the Rural Arts & Culture Summit
June 2 -4, 2015 Find us at the Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Morris, MN The Traveling Museum Presents: A Field Journal by Rural Aesthetic...
The Blockheads
A creative development space for the Blockheads - more words coming soon...
Sound Map
RARE-Hub (Regional Arts Research and Engagement Hub) is a partnership between CQUniversity and professional arts organisations working in regional...
One Suitcase: Four Stories
My Nonna told all her stories to us in the kitchen. Food is at the heart of the telling. One suitcase: Four stories invites audience to be family...
This is the Way I Go to School
Personal subway mapping
Zero Feet Away
Where did you meet your first love? How would you describe yourself to a stranger? Wheres the best place to be kissed? What do you never talk about...
Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya by Micheal Eble
2/6/15 from 4 6pm On Green Lake in Spicer, MN Homemade Gumbo and Paintings by Michael Eble Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya Is a combination of...
Where you will find me. ABC Open - afternoon swing
This is a video I made as part of an ABC open workshop
Travesía Sonora
My field guide
Screen stories of a glorious generationfeature films of 1911-1945 China
The stARTSPEAK project is a three year digital inclusion initiative that aims to develop artists with complex communication needs and connect them...
Digital Drop-in Roma
On Friday 31 October 2014 Regional Arts Australia co-hosted a Digital Drop-in session at Roma Community Hub. A Digital Drop-in is a casual,...
Digital Drop-in Miles
On Friday 31 October 2014 Regional Arts Australia co-hosted a Digital Drop-in session at Dogwood Crossing Miles. A Digital Drop-in is a casual,...
801 to 820 of 1600
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