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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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Recollections, Snippets and Memories of FVSS
Personal contributions by past pupils and other persons with an interest
A space for members of Landcare groups in the Lachlan River catchment to share stories about Landcare.
Artsupport in the Cassowary
There have been major challenges for small organisations to remain sustainable within the region. Support for long term sustainability and...
james project
its a practice
Where students can collaborate with each other on projects and assessment tasks.
Creative Communities 3: Risks & Possibilities
Creative communities is a phrase conventionally equated with notions of well-being, civic participation and social inclusion. Creativity in this...
Bedside theatre on Bedtime stories: theatre performance for hospitalized children.
Bedside Theatre on Bedtime stories is an empirical research study that took place at Birmingham Children's Hospital under the operation of the...
Arts Queensland Sector Morning Tea Arts Peak Bodies and Organisations were invited to come along to a presenation of the Creative...
No Limits
No Limits is a community television show that screens around Australia on community channels and is presented and produced by people with...
Intervale Out Loud
This "sound map" about the lower Winooski intervale is drawn from oral histories conducted with farmers, hunters and fishermen, ecologists, and...
Community Arts Projects
A collection of images and videos from Shopfront's Outreach program
The Arty Party
Coming to a suburb near you ...... Arty Party is a fun event where community members are introduced to a range of local artists and the workshops...
Ban UV Lights, Use LED Instead!
UV lights are a well-known Lupus trigger. Some people with Lupus have experienced flares after less than an hour of exposure and now UV lights...
Flare For Fashion
'FLARE FOR FASHION' - A fashion event to raise funds for lupus research, support, education and awareness. 'FLARE' is a term...
The Face of Lupus
the writing's off the wall tour
Think and wonder, wonder and think. ― Dr. Seuss With what eyes do we see our streets? Travellers on our tour will be initiated into the...
Brisbane Visual Arts Community
This project brings together art and craft groups with the objective of establishing a community art centre where the members can share meeting,...
National Roundtable Meeting: Towards a National Sector Development Initiative
The Community Partnerships Committee would like to invite you to participate in a online discussion on 20 April as they wrap up discussions...
Cassowary Coast Writing with Community
Purpose To Support the professional development of local writers To explore the role of writing within community recovery. To present writing...
Caring for Our Coast
Caring for Our Coast An Australian Government Caring For Our Country project Caring for our Coast (formally titled "Engaging NSW Communities in...
841 to 860 of 1324
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