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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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The Things That Are Left Behind
A multiplatform arts project exploring memory, object and time. Milk Crate Theatre joins digital arts company Information Cultural Exchange (ICE)...
Sydney Water Reckoning Project
This is a space for the Sydney Water Reckoning Project team to post materials and share their creative work.
Messages from the lost to the future
What did they want those in the future and the outside world to know? Here are the messages found from the children, the lost and the frozen from...
Hypervillage - A Model for Revitalizing Rural Life
A HyperVillage revitalizes rural living through a hybrid of self-reliant, artisanal technologies and high technologies. It is a rural...
Travel Songs of Sea and Land
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Living Seas Cumbria
A collaboration of all those that want to see greater protection of our Marine and Coastal spaces.
Global water stories
Our travellers have circled the globe collecting stories of events and responses. This is one PlaceStories project set up for the Water Reckoning...
The SitDownShutup&Watch Film and New Media Festival
The SitDownShutup&Watch Film and New Media Festival is led by a steering committee of learning disabled film makers and artists living in Regional...
Writings from the Cassowary Coast
In 2012 and 2013, many Cassowary Coast residents participated in various creative writing workshops. This project space provides a place for...
Balance-Unbalance International Conference 2013
Balance-Unbalance is an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and...
Sam and Dave
Sam Neace is an author, radio broadcaster, cancer survivor, and political activist from Perry County, Kentucky. After Sam's cancer battle, he sat...
Awareness in Motion Peace Project
A peaceful and powerful series of community education projects designed by survivors and co- survivors of abuse, discrimination, and bullying.One...
City Stories
City Stories is a series of theatre workshops for the residents of Southbank at the BOYD Community Hub. The workshops will explore where we live,...
Dancing in Harmony
Appalachia's Bright Future
On April 19-21 folks from throughout east Kentucky and beyond will gather in Harlan, KY for Appalachia's Bright Future, an opportunity to learn how...
BHFH Project
Nature's Dialogue: Floating Land 2013
Documenting the 2013 Balance/UnBalance Conference and Floating Land Festival through the lens of 'mapping': internal and external maps;...
Rekindling Kempsey - Dunghutti
Bangarra's Rekindling Program with Language Group Dungautti in Kempsey
Arts Assisted Prisoners of War to Survive
Dad always told us he just had to paint to keep sane, as a POW in Changi. His artwork sat in his cupboard for over 60 years, our family have now...
Sensory Games
Sensory Games is a 2 term art exchange between students, teachers and parents at Athelstane Public School in Arncliffe. This project is...
941 to 960 of 1523
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