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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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The Upper Shoalhaven & Upper Deua Landcare Network
2011 Flood Stories
This is a collection of stories about people's experiences in the 2011 floods. You can add your own story by clicking - Share Your Flood Story -...
Trenton Soundscapes
Trenton Soundscapes is a project based in Trenton, New Jersey (USA) that is intended to document the diverse music-cultures of our city, and to...
Water Quality BMP Project
The Water Quality BMP project has worked with 10 key properties to trial the uptake and adoption of recommended grazing practices in the Upper...
Palestine Australia Partnership Development
creating partnerships in Arts and Education
Central West Catchment Management Authority
The Central West Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is one of 13 organisations that were established under the Catchment Management Authorities...
Murray NRM Awards 2009
All the Murray CMA Landcare Award winners from 2009!
Community Events
Here are some highlights from Neonatal events from around the country. Join the project and create a postcard to promote your next event. Or...
Celebrating Milestones
Your baby has lots of challenges and achieves many goals everyday. Some steps are only small but many are major in babies' lives. Make stories to...
Just Hatched!
This project is where you might like to herald the arrival of your newborn infant. Congratulations on the birth!
wePUBLISH: Books Build Bridges
wePUBLISH is a joint program between six core partners and welcomes new partners interested in creative community or self publishing...
Murray-Darling Basin Plan
Now is the time to influence the future directions of the Murray Darling Basin, and the impact on individuals, communities, culture and identity of...
YouthBuild Breathitt:Our Stories
During November 2010, Appalshop's Appalachian Media Institute partnered with YouthBuild Hazard in Jackson, KY to conduct an innovation lab funded...
Innovative Farming Enterprises
In the changing agricultural economy, small and mid-scale family farmers face considerable obstacles in their quest to remain profitable. The...
REMNANT/EMERGENCY Artlab is a two year project that involves a team of Professional Creatives working to promote environmental research and...
Last Works - Prisoner's Legal Service Art Auction
In 2009 legislation was passed in the Queensland Parliament that prevented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists in Queensland Prisons...
GET CONNECTED is a call out to the leaders in the Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) sector in Australia to connect online. The project...
Updates from the Regions
Check a selection of the latest work from across rural and regional Australia.
The Music Makers
A project for all the latest music projects supported by the Australia Council
1081 to 1100 of 1322
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