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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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Put People First Campaign Videos
Vermont Parents United Speakouts
Floating Land 2013
Through great art, Floating Land 2013 explores the natural world's ancient practices and how it provides knowledge, insight and bio-inspired...
Art Bites - Summer 2012
Art Bites is a Brisbane City Council program of free arts workshops designed for all Brisbane residents to explore and discover their creative...
Touch this earth lightly
Collecting stories about people and their relationship to land/place their idea of the natural world and what that means to them. This is done by...
GRAS Landcare
GRAS Landcare Group has been conducting tree planting programmes and research trials since 1991. Members of GRAS Landcare come from a 60km...
GRAS Landcare CMA Small Grants Project
GRAS Landcare Group is developing its own website in order to better disseminate information to its members and the broader public. GRAS Landcare...
Gilgandra Native Flora Society
This project is about the Gilgandra Native Flora Society. We are a small group that takes care of the local native flora reserve. It is a beautiful...
NationaL Landcare Facilitator Project
The National Landcare Facilitator advocates the Landcare ethos and supports community Landcare through an advisory role and has a special focus on...
Grass, fungi & farmers - regenerative agriculture
As a PhD student Magali Wright spent a great deal of time kneeling in the damp soil with a small trowel, chipping up clods and studying the role of...
Student Opera Companies Around the World
All over the world students are creating original opera companies and successfully writing, composing, producing and performing the works they create.
City of Freiburg
A collection of media from my recent visit to Vauban, Freiburg. One of the most sustainable districts in Germany.
Pack and Send
A bitter sweet message from Sweet Tooth Providore. Messages packed up using a cup cake to send a message that is sweet but at the same time...
Black Dog Day
The idea is to spread the message through a little globe trotting black dog that you are not alone and it will pass and don't be afraid of the...
Eye Pic ask primary school children to take photographs of what makes them smile in their suburb, in their family and in themselves. Using the...
Cyclone Yasi: Our Stories
The stories collected from Far North Queensland residents who survived the largest and most powerful cyclone ever to hit Australia will make you...
Landcare Farming
2012 is the Year of the Farmer. We want to share a number of stories from farmers in the Central West region of NSW to help promote the great...
Armidale: Just One Less / Just Speak Up
Beyond Empathy's Just One Less project is a robust and sometimes confronting community conversation that seeks to raise awareness about:...
Post Office Stories
What does your local post office mean to you and your community? What's its history? How does it serve the community today? The US Postal Service...
Financial education
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1101 to 1120 of 1522
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