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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
1161 to 1180 of 1859
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Teaching Artists Asset Map
Harsh Sentence
A Youthful Offender: Our Story Sort my stories by title and follow this journey.
Beaver Creek Biosphere Reserve
The Beaver Creek Biosphere Reserve and Experimental Watershed is located about 80 km south of Flagstaff in north-central Arizona. The experimental...
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona
Organ Pipe Cactus Biosphere Reserve and National Monument is situated in the Sonoran desert in southwestern Arizona at the border to Mexico. Wide...
Jornada Experimental Range
Jornada Biosphere Reserve is one of three biosphere reserves representing the Chihuahuan Desert (among Big Bend Biosphere Reserve in western Texas...
Assistive Technology Solutions
Here is a series of videos showcasing different types of Assistive Technologies that can be used to support students with Learning Difficulties in...
Test to see if this is a valid website for colloboration amoungst children by my own criteria
AfterCoal Music
AfterCoal Music is a project featuring several songs from both Wales and Appalachia. The songs focus on labor struggles and social issues resulting...
Quality of Life: America VS Spain
"Quality of life is the general well-being of individuals and societies. QOL has a wide range of contexts, including the fields of international...
Green Thumb Empowerment
Mechanicsville and West End of Atlanta have consistently struggled with issues of poverty, multiple rising health issues, and educational barriers....
Walking the Caterpillar Dreaming
Full Tilt - Stories of Regional Identity
This is a collaborative space for the Full Tilt Film Festival - Stories of Regional Identity.
Full Tilt - Immigration Stories
This is a collaborative space for the Full Tilt Film Festival - Immigration Stories.
Full Tilt - Indigenous Stories
This is a collaborative space for the Full Tilt Film Festival - Indigenous Stories.
Lockyer Valley Land Art Project
Farmers and Artists within Lockyer Valley come together to creatively explore resilience and community identity. The Land Art project aims to...
The American Bottom’s Foodways: Production, Processing, and Consumption East of the Mississippi
The American Bottom region is composed of about 175 square miles of the Mississippi flood plain located in Southern Illinois. The area of the...
Resurgence of the Summer School of Art-80 years later
Ste. Genevieve, Missouri is celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Symmer School of Art which was an outgrowth of the Art Colony that flourished...
Folklife and Folklore around Missouri
This project is intended to provide a hub for folk artists, folklorists, and event coordinators to connect with each other and share ideas, events,...
Cultural Organizations in Oregon
Cultural mapping of community arts and culture organizations in Oregon
dLux MediaArts - dLab National Program
The dLab National Program is a community engagement project initiated by dLux MediaArts, a not-for-profit organisation supporting artists who work...
1161 to 1180 of 1859
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