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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
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Direct Seeding in Western Riverine Landscapes
Giving the community the capacity to implement a revegetation program through state-of-the-art direct seeding technology on private and public land...
Billi's Backyard Environmental Theatre & Education
In November of 2010 South West Arts was able to enage Theatre on Toast to perform their Environmental Theatre and Education production of Billis...
WV Campus Compact Student Advisory Board 2011-2012
Student Advisory Board members will create projects that showcase community efforts at their campuses and how they benefit their communities in a...
Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors
As grandparents and relatives we seek to keep our families together, in doing so we hope to assure that the children we are raising enjoy a...
Proposal : National Visual HIstory Centre
U Tube How do we honour important events our History? We remember with...
Mary Reiby Grant
The Mary Reiby Grant was introduced by the Westpac Foundation in 2011. This project includes grant recipients of the Mary Reiby grant and other...
Premmie Now Photos
A popular area on the L'il Aussie Prems website submit your "now" photo postcard of your precious prem to give families inspiration and hope who...
Wear Green For Prems
Wear green for premmies is a yearly online event held by L'il Aussie Prems as a day to celebrate all children born too soon in April each year....
Digital Storytelling at Zion Lutheran Home
Digital Storytelling at Zion Lutheran Home is an initiative of the Creative Ageing Centre. The project is exploring the role of reminiscence and...
150 Years of Education at Fortitude Valley State School
The year 2011 marked 150 years since the first National School opened its doors near the corner of Ann & Brunswick streets, in Fortitude Valley,...
Creative Recovery - Toolkit
This Toolkit is gathering and sharing all the resources to support artists to develop and deliver Creative Recovery projects in your community....
Art Bites - Spring 2011
Art Bites is a series of free arts workshops designed for you to explore and discover your creative side. Taste test a range of arts experiences...
Creative Recovery - Ipswich
Ipswich has been chosen as one of three pilot Queensland communities to lead the Creative Recovery Arts Corps project. Ipswich was hit hard by...
Creative Recovery Cassowary Coast
The Cassowary Coast has been chosen as one of three Queensland regions to lead the Creative Recovery pilot project. Cassowary Coast was hit hard...
National Arts & Health Policy Forum
UPDATE At a meeting of arts and Cultural Ministers on Friday 12th April 2013 Minsters endorsed and acknowledged the value of the arts and health...
Music Health Australia
Rural Reports on Policy & Programs
Organization and network members of the Rural Policy Network report on a variety of programs and policy activities from throughout rural America.
Central Tablelands Landcare
Central Appalachia Regional Network
Central Appalacha Regional Network - About Our Network and Policy Work
Race and Rural
1221 to 1240 of 1592
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