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A list of public PlaceStories projects and campaigns.
1641 to 1660 of 1855
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Everyone's a Critic
This is pretty self-evident.... we don't care what you think! But we know you're going to tell us anyway, SOOOOO...... we thought we'd give you...
Desert Harmony Festival 2010
Barkly Regional Arts is proudly presenting the Desert Harmony Art and Culture Festival in Tennant Creek, which is celebrating its 21st year in...
ArtsLab10 - residency for emerging artists
ArtsLab is a six month residency intensive for young and emerging artists at Shopfront, culminating in a season of original work at Shopfront in...
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Memoirs Online
This project is a sample of the Memoirs-Online collection, images and comments collected by a small mining community in Collinsville,...
"A Past Era"
Welcome to a collection of PostCards from a time long gone...
Brooloo Community
Community Projects for the Brooloo area
12words is an interactive microfiction website for everyone with prizes for 15-25 year old Australians. Think it's too hard, impossible even, to...
All Things Money
There are lots of great opportunities for community arts and cultural development projects. If you've heard about an interesting funding program -...
Updates from Field
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Kids Teaching Kids Sand Conversations
Participants at the international Kids Teaching Kids Coastal Conference October 2010 participated in an Environmental Project...
Increasing Soil Carbon
Increasing Soil Carbon is a three-year project funded by the Australian Governments Caring for Our Country program. Increasing Soil Carbon will...
Growing Community
Welcome! Tell us about your creative community development initiatives. Inspire others with your stories. Invite others to join you.
My Mekong
The Mekong is one of the world's most biologically and culturally diverse river systems and it needs your support. Show that you care for the...
WNC Agricultural Options
Our Mission: The Western North Carolina Agricultural Options Program builds sustainable farming communities in our mountain region by providing...
Heritage Fig Tree
This fig tree is over 100 years old it is on the property that was once own by a pioneer Sam Kelly in 1910 he was engaged in dairying, grazing and...
Clarence Landcare
Welcome to our Clarence Landcare Inc. (CLINC) Placestories Page...this is not our new Website, our web page address is
New Models New Money - A Foundation for the Artist
Contribute to the debate and help refine the concept of A Foundation for the Artist, outlined in 'New Models New Money' by creating a digital...
Collinsville's "CoalFace Experience"
The Collinsville Coalface Experience was opened in October 2004, on the 50th anniversary of the Collinsville Mine disaster. The Coalface Experience...
Old Timer's Tales
Tall tales of tough times long ago, told by Old Timer's themselves...
1641 to 1660 of 1855
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