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Marsh Arts: Derby Boab Festival 2008
8 Oct 2009
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The Derby Boab Festival, now in its 48th year, is the longest running regional festival in Western Australia. It is a major event on the Kimberley dry season social calendar. DADAA is a core participant in Marsh Arts.

The 2008 Boab Festival culminated in Marshability, an arts event on the vast, dried out mudflats that surround Derby, a small town on the edge of King Sound near the mouth of the Fitzroy River.

Marshability featured performance, traditional dance, outdoor film screenings, artworks and fire sculptures, all accompanied at sunset by Derby Pigram Brother Colin and his daughter Kristi playing and singing from the deck of an old sailing boat, while candles burned inside a human size nest built from driftwood by Irish installation artist Jean Conroy.

During the weeks leading up to Marshability workshops were held with local Indigenous children to develop artwork and performance skills, as we hear from Jean and fellow artists Bev Hornibrook and Sarah Nelson in this film that was screened on the final night of the Festival.

DADAA Inc, in consultation with a local group of artists, supports the Marsh Art Project. This film was made possible with the support of DADAA, the Derby Chamber of Commerce and the Derby Revitalisation Program.

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