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Shopfront's (lost toy story) festival. 'Ribbon'
20 Oct 2009
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We tie ourselves to things, move on and ar suprised when the tie-lines break. Suprised by the knot and tangle we leave as we try and tie ourselves back up. but sooner or later we let go, we move on, we discover new things, new friends. And mostly, at the end of all that, its the story we remember.

Shopfront's (lost toy story)festival.

Massive nightlight sculptures, engaging interactive performances, roaming real life transformers, an outdoor hip happening dancefloor and a groovin live music sound stage.We searched through the streets of Hurstville for lost toys, played forgotten board games and thought about the things we've let go. (lost toy story) was a multi-media interactive arts festival on the streets of Hurstville.Part installation, part block party,(lost toy story) explored lost toys, lost hopes and lost fears.

Dance Music Theatre Visual Arts
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