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Joanna - a Filmbites Youth Film School production
19 Nov 2009
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Speaking out to a party in defiance of her mother, Joanna's life will never be the same... Joanna is the story of a teenage girl whose rebellious choices have far reaching consequences. Risky Bizness is a program partnership involving CAN WA's Fired Up program, the City of Gosnells and Filmbites Youth School. The program explores the dangers associated with risky behaviours utilising the artistic mediums of drama and film to explore the causes and consequences of risky behaviours. Young people living in the Maddington and Kenwick communities are encouraged to participate. This a Risky Bizness multimedia project presented by: City of Gosnells, CAN WA, Filmbites Youth Film School, Sevenoaks Senior College, Yule Brook College, Department of Culture and the Arts, Australia Council for the Arts, and Str8 talk'n.
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Arts CAN WA
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