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Where is the Line (09)
9 Dec 2009
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A show & tell afternoon of experimental dance. A chance to see what Darwin’s young choreographers are thinking, feeling & creating!

In a town that bubbles over with talent, opportunities for young emerging choreographers are few and far between. Saving them a move interstate, Tracks’ Youth Choreographic Program has offered a training ground for the development of six young dance makers: Ricky Borg, Stevie Kirk-Groves, Sasha Lai, Kathryn Lawrence, Corina Nichols & Paul Viojan. These artists have poured themselves into the activity of developing and honing their choreographic skills, and in the process have generated terrific discussion, sensational one-off improvisations and now, finished dance pieces.

I have encouraged the group to explore diverse and imaginative approaches to choreography, covering journaling and creative writing, utilising music and visual art as stimuli, dreaming up environments, using postmodern structures for creating dance material and working creatively within specific sites... in their cases, this meant up trees, down stairwells and upon bench tops at Frog Hollow, which in turn became the inspiration for a dance film by Mischa Baka.

After months of workshops in the studio, a vibrant period of dance exploration and enjoying assorted-cream biscuits, the participants are now excited to strut their stuff. Today’s showing presents the work of these six delightful young people, whose dedication, energy and enthusiasm for the choreographic program has been a total joy, and awfully contagious. The result is a diverse program where their individuality & creativity is celebrated.Jess Devereux

“The hottest ticket in town for arty types in Darwin this month was for the Tracks Dance Company’s youth choreographic showcase… and the emerging youth dancer/choreographers didn’t disappoint – presenting a series of electric experimental dance performances which left the crowd buzzing.” Sophie Quick, Spress July 2009

"The youth choreographic showing was a typically stimulating and uniquely Tracks experience: sitting outside in the Frog Hollow courtyard watching young dancers who have been empowered to develop their understanding of choreography within their own dance and cultural context. The combination of postmodern choreographic techniques and a wide range of dance styles yielded a set of promising and intriguing experimental performances. I hope this valuable initiative can continue." Kath Papas

"It was an absolute pleasure to witness the personal growth and choreographic development of Tracks' performers. Under the gentle but steady guidance of Dance Animateur Jess Devereux, the rapport amongst the team was palpable as lots of very happy folk, young and old sat under the trees to experience contemporary dance practice in it's very practice. True empowerment comes from young people leading young people. Tracks' choreographic initiative provides this space for leadership and professional development in a safe yet challenging environment cultivating the makers and thinkers of the future. Viva Tracks!” Bec Reid

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