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Common Ground - The REALITY...
9 Feb 2010
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Common Ground is a project designed to give young people from cultural diverse backgrounds a chance to talk and act around building peace. Young people come together in a safe space; express their values, thoughts and opinions through music, dance and performance.

Up to 90 young people from all over Brisbane collaborated with a team of artsworkers over 10 weeks to explore the concepts of “Reality” – drawing upon the realities of young people's lives and how they think the world perceives them. Throughout the series Common Ground participants formed a collective and worked together to create a dramatic fusion of Slam Poetry, MCing, Soulful Vocals and Hip Hop dance styles which can only be described as Crazy, Energetic Hype and Raw Emotion that portrays messages of hope, understanding, survival and determination.

One hope, one sound, same sky, same ground.

“Give it up for the Y Generation, Here to connect with this population, Neglect the negative reputation, We want to share our REALITY with the nation”

cultural development cultural diversity hip hop Multicultural Arts social change young people
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