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Mitchell River Watershed Management Group
21 Nov 2008

Who Are We? The Mitchell River Watershed Management Group (MRWMG) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation responsible for grass roots community engagement, capacity building, and sustainable and integrated management of the Mitchell River catchment area.

What Do We Do? MRWMG works in partnership with local communities to set-up water schemes, revegetate degraded sites, manage local plant and animal pests, conduct tree plantings, run education and youth programmes at local schools, and raise community awareness of ecologically sustainable development.

When Were We Formed? In 1990, a conference on watershed management for the Mitchell River was held at Kowanyama. Out of community concern shown at this conference, the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group (MRWMG) was formed with a vision of a cooperative approach to management of the catchment, sustainable management of natural resources, and maintaining and enhancing biodiversity. The formation of the MRWMG was a new and innovative approach in Queensland at the time. The primary interest of the group is in creating a balanced approach to the use of catchment resource.

Who Is Involved? It is important to have all members of the community working on local projects therefore MRWMG works with Traditional Owners, pastoralists, schools, researchers and research organisations, as well as tourism, fishing, mining, conservation and local, state and Australian government organisations to help secure a sustainable future for the Mitchell River catchment.

The group also has representation from all local councils, industry groups, State Agencies and Landcare Bodies including the Peninsula Landcare Committee. The MRWMG Community Engagement Program covers Irvinebank Landcare Group, Julatten Community Association and Cattle Creek Landcare whilst MRWMG also supports the Kowanyama Land Office and actively engages with the Bar Barrum Aboriginal Corporation.

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