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"HELP" - Farmers Teaching Farmers
20 Aug 2008

The Little River Catchment has some 270 members in a catchment that covers 305, 000 hectares in the Central West of NSW.

Farmers Teaching Farmers is a concept developed by Little River Landcare Group in 2007 after a small group of staff and members discussed the accumulated knowledge of landholders. How to transfer knowledge, skills and information in a learning environment that land managers would thrive in.

A partnership was formed with the Central West NSW under their round 5 funding in early 2007.

Small groups of 5-6 businesses were formed, with the intention of each business having a mini field day on their property.

To support this project the CWCMA providing funding to bring keynote speakers to each of the participants properties.

The purpose of the small group was to provide an intimate environment that would support the exchange of knowledge

Subject list were developed and included pasture cropping, Natural Sequence Farming, Biological Agriculture, Soil fertility and grazing management.

These success of this program can be seen in the improvement of land managers supporting effective NRM.

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