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Copy of TAFE Western Institute Farm Planning
20 Aug 2008

Farm Planning with TAFE Western Institute is being conducted in partnership with Central West NSW and Lachlan. It is being delivered locally across both of these catchment areas. The course is designed to assist with community capacity building and to help landmanagers make positive decisions about their property and its management.This pogram is open to any landholders or managers with a holding greater that 100 acres or 40 ha.

As part of these programs landholders are provided the opportunity to participate in groups and develop a whole farm plan. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to come together and share ideas about building sustainability into their production systems.

The program commences with an aerial image of your property and builds layers of information about your soils, water,vegetation and plans. This can either be as a large photo or a digital photo and uses software to build the layers of information.

Because this program meets many CMA outcomes it is well subsidsed so the costs to landholders is greatly reduced.

Feedback from landholders has been positive with many enjoying the dedicated time to focus on the natural resources of their property and their decision making processes. The field days are particularly well recieved because they provide the opportunity to apply theory into a practical application. The soils day involves actually getting into soil pits and considering what lies beneath the surface. It enables us to think about limitations and soil capacity beyond the rainfall and what we see happening on top.

The water section is based around the water watch program and delves into some basic qualities of water and how an assessment can be made about its suitability for various uses on the farm and beyond.

When considering vegetation, all types of vegetation are discussed with some basic plant identification as well as considering vegetation in the broader regional context.

These courses can be run anywhere there is enough demand. To register your interest or to organise a group please call Richard Ingham on 0428161232 or Fiona Watts on 0428668707. We would be pleased to speak with you.

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