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cudal students waterwatch
30 Dec 2008
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Children gaze intently down a row of microscopes at slides, adjusting the focus and discussing what they see. This is the small Cudal Public School in central west NSW where teacher Ann Marriott’s class is learning about the environment from the ground up. Or more accurately – Boree Creek up.

Down at the Creek, WaterWatch coordinator Leah McCarroll, shows them how to test the water quality. Marg - 45 secs - slide 1-9

Leah's quote. slide 10-12, 11secs

Already the children are expert at reading the salinity and turbidity monitors and matching the water test colours with the PH chart. Along with community members, the school has been recording its findings on the health of the waterway for 18 months, as part of the wider Mandagery Catchment records.

What looks like plain old creek water is alive with creatures when the students look deeper. Back in the classroom they identify the many waterbugs on charts. Marg - slide 13-19, 45 secs

(Rob extract) 5 secs, slide 19-20

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