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Atakapa: Hard Times for Louisiana's First People
28 Jun 2008

Before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Grand Bayou and its approximately 25 Atakapa Indian families lived an isolated and peacful life in harmony with the marsh and sea, and sustained by their work as fishermen and trappers. When the Rural Strategies film crew visited 2 years after the disaster, government aid was limited to setting up a FEMA trailor park, and the entire community had been unable to return to their homes along the bayou.

In this story, tribal leader Rosina Phillipe describes her feelings of loss.

"Katrina Aftermath Erodes Bayou Culture" is an excellent story from the Seattle Times/Associated Press (4/3/08) on the many issues facing Grand Bayou and the Atakapa in their recovery efforts. (http://seattletimes.nwsou rce.com/html/nationworld/2004286251_apkatrinabayourfolk.html?syndica

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