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Moss Vale Landcare Group
28 Oct 2008
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Moss Vale Landcare grp Place Story

Moss Vale, a town in SH NSW In 2000 a Lc grp formed when a small grp of residents became very concerned about state of Whites Ck – which like many urban creeks had become clogged with willows, rubbish They identified several different areas to focus on –the golf club, Seymour park and largest area Cosgrove Pk Like most successful organisations there has been a few individuals who have driven the grp Ken Pogson & wife Mary have been there from the start They decided early to keep people informed what the grp was about

A key feature of the grp has been to have people with an interest in their section of the creek involved A grp of senior golfers have worked on the upper section of creek that flows through the MV golf club. They called themselves Dads Army and have made a huge difference to the weed problems by removing a range woody weeds and replanting thousands of plants more suited to the area. The local council Wingecarribee Shire has been a tremendous help throughout the project – the environment levy, controversial when first introduced but fairly well accepted now has provided funds for materials but more importantly has allowed a sml team of bush regenerators to work alongside the volunteers throughout the project. And HNCMA have helped the project along the way, helping with planning, providing funding and being a sounding board for the grp as it has progressed. In Cosgrove Pk an urban park that follows Whites Ck through a residential area` of Moss Vale the neighbours were sceptical at first and could only see the mess created when many of the large willow trees were removed. But the Landcare grp has overcome a lot of early opposition by keeping everyone informed as best they could –info sessions with a BBQ allowed the locals to voice their concerns and regular newsletters to over 450 neighbouring households have kept them well informed. The grp has involved a number of other organisations including CVA who have provided several volunteer teams over the years and the local public School has aprticipated enthusiastically every year in annual planting days. With much of the hard work done at least for Cosgrove Pk the main tasks now revolve around maintaining the site. Whites Ck in this part of Moss Vale is now a much more pleasant place, lots of shady trees and shrubs line the creek now, the water quality is much improved and the wildlife reckon things are on the up!

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