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Landcare PlaceStories
11 Aug 2009

Landcare PlaceStories is a community of interest for all people interested in Landcare and natural resource management activities globally and locally.

Landcare PlaceStories:

- provides the opportunity for a diversity of voices to be heard; - allows identification of priorities by organisations and members; - leads to increased levels of ownership of and responsibility for issues; - fosters a sense of belonging within an online community; - builds the social capital of members; and - creates empowerment for members with respect to issues that affect them.

Feral Arts has developed PlaceStories, a digital storytelling and communications system designed to meet the communication and reporting needs of community projects, networks and organisations.

The PlaceStories software enables individuals and groups to manage digital media, create digital stories and collaborate on projects. The aim of the PlaceStories system is to make the most effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to promote collaboration, constructive dialogue and efficiencies within organisations and projects.

Become a member today. Download the PlaceStories software. Create a digital story of your Landcare experience. Collaborate with other members online to bring about a more sustainable world.

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