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Friends of the Mongarlowe River - The Macquarie Perch Project
16 Jun 2009
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The FMR group win a Threatened Species Network grant to perform a study on the breeding sucesses of the vulnerable Macquarie Perch in the Mongarlowe River. Incorporating hundreds of volunteer hours, and multiple liasons with local groups and conservation agencies, 68 possible breeding sites were mapped. A comprehensive picture of water quality, riparian condition, and weed incidence was also formed and clearly documented creating a functional data benchmark. A much sought after information pack on acquatic ecosystems and rivercare was compiled and distributed to all riparian landholders along the Mongarlowe River and it's tributaries.

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Kevin Guy Tue, 23 Jun 2009 3:32am

Congratulations to all involved in the Friends of the Mongarlowe River, Macquarie Perch Project. It is inspiring to see what a community can do.