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Park Paddock
27 Jun 2009
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The story shows the making of our stock management area with a watering system, electric fencing, lanes, and native grasses. The area was chained and cropped to stop regrowth. We installed a solar water pump. A footvalve is attached to this float. Water pumping thru pump. Attaching a poly pipe digger to tractor. Rolling out poly pipe. The storage tank is approximately 2km from pump. The green storage tank before it was placed. The Weston Electric fence, first stand steel posts. Set up fencing trailer with 6 wire jennies, load wire into jennies and thru weston droppers. Someone walks along winding out the fence ready to be strained and attached to steel posts. The solar power unit is stored in an old fridge for protection. We installed 3 watering troughs this is the first one. We used stick rakes to clean up ground before sowing native seeds with a summer grass for protection. Map of our project. Map of Dijoe showing where area is.

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