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What the Council does
8 Jul 2009

Welcome to the ACT Natural Resource Management Council Placestory.

The Council has 6 members representing the ACT Community and was set up advise the ACT and Australian Governments on how best to protect the natural resources, the soils, water, plants and animals of the ACT, and how to get the community involved in protecting our environment.

As you can see from the map, the ACT is an island in the larger Murrumbidgee Catchment.

The mighy Murrumbidgee River snakes its way through the western parts of the ACT, through national parks, farmland, water catchments and the southern suburbs of the city.

The ACT NRM Council works to a plan - Bush Capital Legacy - which sets out targets for improving our soils, water and biodiversity and for assisting the community to protect the environment.

The ACT is a unqiue natural resource management region. As a sprawling urban centre it experiences all the challenges of large urban centres - weed and domestic animal escapees into the bush, loss of native ecosystems such as our precious box gum woodlands at the urban fringe where new cities are being built, urban stormwater pollution.

And yet 52% of the ACT is national park or public reserve and so has lots =natural areas.

The Council sees the community as critical to protecting the environment of the ACT.

Projects the council has supported include

•Collecting local native seeds, and germinating and planting them in areas where native vegetation was lost to the 2003 bushfires

•Planting trees in the Lower Cotter River Catchment to replace those lost in the 2003 fires (Greening Australia)

Rehabilitating subalpine sphagnum bogs damaged in the 2003 fires (Parks, Conservation and Lands) •protecting the threatened Macquarie Perch

•Breeding and releasing the critically endangered corroboree frog

•Protecting precious grassland and woodlands near new suburbs on Canberra’s urban fringe (Australian National University, CSIRO, Conservation Council)

•Establishing a community nursery network using plants of local provenancewith Billabing Aboriginal Corporation

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