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Sustainable Open House Story
15 Jul 2009

The Sustainable Open House Expo in Tamworth in May was about forming effective NRM partnerships to educate the wider community about sustainability in the home.

The Sustainable Open House Expo in Tamworth in May was developed due to a need in the area for sustainability education.

Once the idea was born, partnerships between various common interest groups were forged to find a format to best educate the community on sustainability.

The concept was to showcase a local home which was energy efficient, but looked normal.

The perfect house found belonged to local couple Bill and Jan Bryan. Bill and engineer and Jan a school teacher had a clear vision when designing their home.

Jan explained this well when she said: “Sometimes you are lucky enough in life to be able to embark on a project that gives you a sense of achievement & pride. You feel you have accomplished something worth while”.

We released that Bill and Jan’s vision matched our vision on educating about sustainability in the home. Jan explained that their home needed to reflect a sustainable lifestyle, with minimal environmental impact.

The house was built with sustainable materials, it uses passive heating and cooling options most important being orientation, and is run on renewable energy sources as these pictures show.

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