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Mileston Spiral Project Yr 1
11 Dec 2006
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The SPIRAL Project - Strategic Partnership Incentives for Revitalising Active Landcare - is a National Landcare Programme Initiative focused on the Burdekin Rangelands in North Queensland.

The aim of the project in its first year is to revive and enhance activity of the seventeen Landcare groups in Dalrymple Shire. SPIRAL is enhancing the uptake in sustainable land management, especially smaller holders and newcomers to Landcare.

SPIRAL also sets out to document, award and promote "good land management". The idea is to reward success and exceptional land managers, increasing understanding and recognition amongst fellow landholders and the wider community.

The SPIRAL Project is funded throughthe National Landcare Programme, and supported regionally by the Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM Group and the Dalrymple Landcare Committee.

'Mileston' - Bob & Beryl Johnston Mileston is a 260 hectare block, just west of Charters Towers. We came onto the block twenty years ago and have worked hard to deal with some pretty major rubber vine and other woody weed infestations.

Our first real involvement with Landcare came through the BlackJack Weeds group that some us formed in 2002. We have divided our block into sixteen forty acre paddocks each with its own watering point. This also allows us to spell any area as required. We have also improved our control of soil movement by building contour banks. This also allows us to undertake ripping and seeding work without disturbing the natural environment.

Then in 2005 we got involved in SPIRAL and things have really taken off. We've documented our work through photos and recorded the changes we have achieved over time. We are proud to say that Mileston now has rubber vine, lantana, chinee apple under control, and annual follow-ups are scheduled to take care of any regrowth.

We have learned a lot through our involvement in Landcare and now we're keen to share what we have learnt with others. Our innovative work with building contour banks to slow the water flow across the block has started to generate interest across the Dalrymple shire.

Bob and Beryl's aim is to continually improve the land condition of their property and to leave it in a better state than whey they purchased the property twenty years ago.

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