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70 Mile Range Landcare Group -
26 Jun 2007
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70 Mile Range Landcare Group - Narration

The Seventy Mile Range Landcare Group is an active and progressive group of landholders who are continually working towards a common goal - effective land and pest management. First forming in 1995, the group has always been focused on working collaboratively towards sustainable agricultural production.

The group has been involved in a number of on-ground activities in the past twelve years. The significant problems of woody weeds in the district have long been at the forefront of our work. A series of 'barter days' have been held in the past to tackle the chinne apple, rubbervine and belly-ache bush on properties in the area. Such days have made weed spraying jobs significantly simpler for the group.

Additionally, the groups involvement in funding programs like the feredal governments Natural Heritage Trust Round 1 to fence off riparian and other fragile areas. A number of our producers have hosted self-driven producer demonstration sites to improve on our knowledge of best management practices. This innovative work has been aligned to a host of agency organisations, that has further helped to lift the profile of the 70 Mile Range Group. Several producers have also been recently involved in the National Landcare Programme's SPIRAL project.

Today, our group remains strong, and meets several times a year to discuss the progress of individuals and of the group as a whole. We have long been focused on improving our land based assets and skills and feel that we have come a long way towards achieving this.

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