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Peter and Gillian Gould
5 Dec 2007
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This is a project story.

Land use: beef cattle and horse agistment.

Soil type: AMU-13 which is a coarse sandy surfaced texture contrast soil with a moderately thick A-horizan which is prone to tunnel and surface erosion leading to damage and siltration in gullies.

Objectives: Repair dam wall and overflow to stop erosion and protect water source for stock.

Target: Following professional assessment the recommendations is to fill in the eroded section and rebuild the dam wall raising it by 1m. Construct a new bywash on the opposite bank, diverting water into new contours running along a surveyed line to the 1st of 2 depressions letting the water flow over grassed areas before being discharge safely into a battered and stabilised gully further down.

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