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Cuba Plains - Winners
28 Jun 2007
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Narration - Cuba Plains

Noeline and I purchased Cuba Plains in 1973, and have since run the 37 0000 acre property as a commercial Beef Operation. For several years now we have been working hard to fight back infestations of Parthenium in various places across the property.

During this time, we have spent many hours trialling a range of different herbicides products and techniques for applying them to the dense infestations of Parthenium. In 2006 we hosted a field day to show case how we had adapted the Tee Jet spray nozzle to work effectively in the fight against Parthenium. This simple yet effective spray setup is able to deliver sufficient herbicide to kill Parthenium in one pass.

To date, our best results have been achieved using Brush-off at a rate of 5gram/100L of water with a wetting agent at a rate of 2ml/1L of water. This dosage rate delivers approximately 200L of spray/hectare and has had ongoing residual effects for anywhere between 4 and 6 months.

We are very happy with this equipment and are glad to say that it has significantly aided us in the fight against Parthenium. Today, we have pegged back the parthenium and regular follow-ups are ensuring that we are getting in front of this problem.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Vitelli from Tropical Weeds Reasearch Centre and Marie Vitelli from the Dalrymple Landcare Committee for their persistence and guidance in helping us to open the door on the control of Parthenium.

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