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Landcare Training Day
7 Dec 2007
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The Landcare PlaceStories training day brought a series of community landcare co-ordinators and landcare project officers from across Queensland for training in the use of the PlaceStories software.

Throughout the day participants heard from Norm, Sarah and Paul from Feral Arts, State Landcare Co-ordinator Rick Kowitz, Landcare QLD Manager Emma Trigg and and Dalrymple Landcare testing partner, John Nicholas. The hands on approach to training enabled all gathered to be able to successfully create their own story within a few hours.

It is hoped that within the next few months several of these particpants will be further involved in the use of the software. Further, over the next twelve months the PlaceStories system will continue to be developed as a new and innovative reporting tool for the many different facets of Landcare across Queensland.

Feral Arts & John Nicholas look forward to working with and supporting the newly trained Landcarers over the next few months to realise this goal.

Remember Have Fun, Tear your hair out and keep creating stories...

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