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E Quinlan
22 Feb 2008
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Sustainable Land Management Project Elizabeth Quinlan – “Maramba “ Lantana eradication.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Quinlan & this is my property situated 18 kms NNE of Crows Nest, Qland.

This is a project story of battling lantana which I’ve been doing for the past 20 years, well before DP600 was brought onto the market.

Land Use: Our land use is grazing cattle & goats.

Soil types: Our main soil type is a shallow to moderately deep – textured contrast soil, gravelly, hard setting brown loam over bleached – brown acid subsoil. This lends the property to high erosion risk due to steep slopes & sodic subsoil. The rest of the property is a deep to very deep coarse self mulching dark grey to black cracking clays. These have been cropped in the past

Objectives: Our main objective is to bring the lantana infested country back to productive grazing while at the same time managing the remnant forest in order to maintain biodiversity & thereby increase fertility.

Actions: We started off removing lantana with brush hooks & back packs & over the years progressed from using a spray unit comprising two X 44 gallon drums with a 12 volt pump 7 ordinary garden hose all of this mounted on a “ Brumby “ ute –to the latest spray unit from Quikspray mounted on a middle aged Toyota ute. Lantana was very thick as the photos show & often hid problems which one could not see until the lantana was sprayed e.g. erosion. Initially spraying was done by forcing into the lantana thickets & often only able to penetrate 10 – 15 meters which meant shifting the vehicle frequently, rolling up hose – all adding to the time & energy costs. Seeing land that has been reclaimed & grassed amidst good forest timber motivates & inspires me to continue. Also being a member of a landcare group has helped to keep up to date with changes, making the job a lot easier. I could not have achieved the results I have to date without the information & funding from our landcare group.

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