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L Milne
22 Feb 2008
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Sustainable Land Management Project. Lorella Milne. Lantana Eradication .

G’day, I’m Lorella Milne.

We have a small property ½ hour from Crows Nest, in good scrub country on which lantana grows extremely well. Most of the country was initially cleared and partially cropped.

Land Use: Our land use is grazing of cattle.

Aims: Our aim is to produce good quality stock and care for and maintain the land.

Soil Types: The soil type on the higher parts is moderately deep, fine to coarse self mulching black cracking clay. The rest of the property is moderately deep, non – cracking red clay with considerable stoney surface, with non stoney subsoil on lower colluvial slopes.

Actions: Spraying has been with DP600 – initially with a back pack, advancing to a hired dual hose quikspray. Once the lantana has been sprayed, siratro and grasses have then been sown under the bush to protect them from stock. We have planted extensive patches of pangola grass on the denuded areas. This grass is extremely aggressive, hardy and palatable and will grow in hard areas. To date we have been quite successful as the grass is taking quite well. Our objective is to reclaim the land areas infected by lantana, which we should be able to meet as a target because of the smaller land area. Also helping to eradicate the lantana more easily is the size if the lantana bushes. To see the land emerging from the lantana has been encouraging and I am most grateful for the help received from the landcare committee.

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