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Springbrook Rescue Project - Weed eradication Springbrook Warblers
22 Apr 2008
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The Queensland Government has recently purchased several properties in Springbrook on the Gold Coast to add to the World Heritage listed national park and rescue the ecology of this highly diverse landscape.

The landcare group on Springbrook has worked on several projects but not this one.

Springbrook Warblers is an old bed and breakfast at the top of the palteau draining into Purlingbrook Falls. The xxx, a pretty little blue lily that has been spread across the paddocks by slashing in the past was covered in seed pods in November 2007.

The project attempted to remove these pods and provide a window of opportunity to deal with the weed while allowing the natural regrowth to come through.

Every weekend for two months, Dr Aila Keto, coordinator of Springbrook Rescue, led teams to remove these pods by hand. We collected them in IKEA bags which were great because they were big, they stayed open and had large handles to throw them over your shoulders and tie them up with.

We had to deal with heavy mist, rain, flies and leeches. It was heads down, bums up work and resulted in a shed full of bags of weeds.

Unfortunately, the seed pods grew back in a short time, and we had to resort to careful spot spraying with weed killer after tagging all the regrowth.

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