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Protecting and Expanding Nature Reserves in Queensland
24 Jul 2008
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Protecting and Enhancing Queensland’s Nature Reserves

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Queensland’s Regional NRM Bodies and partners are investing significant effort and resources into the state’s network of parks, reserves and protected areas.

We are working with partners, such as conservation groups, farmers, peak industry groups, Indigenous communities and all levels of government, to develop a comprehensive, adequate and representative National Reserve System.

Regional NRM Bodies are community based, not-for-profit organisations accredited by the Australian and Queensland governments to plan, fund and implement programs under regional NRM plans.

As the most trusted organisations for many NRM networks in the state, we are in a unique position to mobilise collaborative efforts for on-ground NRM outcomes. There are no others doing this role to the extent that regional bodies are in Queensland. Trust is the vital essence of our non statutory system. This trust that has been built over a short period of time removes many barriers, improves policy making and makes delivery on the whole much easier.

We play a key role in brokering partnerships, resources and effort. We are the most trusted organisations for partners and the wider community to interpret natural resource management and environmental outcomes. This community confidence puts Regional NRM Bodies in a strong position to: - develop projects through collaborative bids for Government funds; - adapt to the impacts of climate change over the next five years; and - provide solutions to current and long-term NRM issues.

This digital case study shows a sample of the large amount of collaborative effort of Regional NRM Bodies and partners to manage our national reserve systems for existing and future generations.

Queensland’s Regional NRM Bodies and partners are continuing to strengthen programs and on-ground outcomes to protect and expand our state’s vital network of parks and reserves.

For more information visit the Qld Regional NRM Groups Collective at www.rgc.org.au

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