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Paddy's Island
21 Aug 2008
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The Paddy’s Island Massacre site is on the North side of Bundaberg. The history of the massacre is recorded as such:

“The spearing of the Pegg Brothers (John & Peter) on June 4, 1849 at Gin Gin (formerly Tirroan) Station and the resulting slaughter of Gooreng Gooreng People at the site of Gibson & Howes’ Sugar Plantation at the Cedars in retribution.

The spearing of Gregory Blaxland, youngest son of Gregory Blaxland the Explorer in early August of 1850. Blaxland was the one who led the punitive expedition at the Cedars.

About one week after Blaxland’s death a punitive expedition was raised and attacked the Gooreng Gooreng People at Paddy’s Island where over 1,000 Gooreng Gooreng People were slaughtered.”

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