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Condamine Floodplain NLP Project 2007
11 Sep 2008
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In 2007, works were undertaken to protect the soil resource of the Condamine Floodplain. Brigalow-Jimbour Floodplains Landcare Group, or BJFG as it is known, coordinated the project that was partly funded by the National Landcare Program.

Local farmers and the then Wambo Shire Council were partners in the Landcare project that aimed to improve water flow management on the floodplains. Before the works were completed water flow was concentrated by old banks caused by fence lines and poor drainage across shire roads. This resulted in the loss of crops due to water-logging, decline in fertility, and the loss of valuable top soil through erosion and degradation.

The area had been identified by BJFG as a “hot spot” and a priority that required immediate action to mitigate erosion and protect the soil resource. Following consultation, farmers removed old fence lines and plough banks that were causing flow diversions. Gullies were repaired and approximately 80 hectares of farm land was laser leveled to ensure floodwater spread out to minimise erosive flows.

A new sub-surface floodway spanning 120 metres and a box culvert were constructed by the Wambo Shire Council on Cox road. This allowed flood waters, draining from approximately 50,000 hectares to spread out and cross the shire road in a coordinated manner. It is estimated that these works will reduce soil erosion by 10%, which equates to an estimated saving of 100,000 tonnes of valuable top soil over the next five growing seasons.

These works were completed before the flood events in early 2008, and according to all partners these works performed extremely well. The shallow flood waters spread out evenly across the land and dried out within five days from when the water stopped flowing.

Farmer, Malcolm Alexander was quoted as saying that “It’s good to see Landcare putting money into projects like this. It all worked perfectly, no erosion at all.... it just spread the water.”

Local farmers contributed almost $13,000 with the cost of laser levelling and the time involved in remove old fences. The Wambo Shire contributed $87,000 and the National Landcare Program provided $18,755. Thanks must go to all these partners for their contribution to the success of the project and to Nevin Olm BJFG Landcare Project Officer for coordinating the project.

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