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3Cs Field Day
13 Feb 2009
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The Dalrymple Landcare Committee through the Clarke River & East Burdekin Project hosted the 3Cs field day to help landholders in the region understand several key aspects of Carbon and how it may interact with their grazing enterprises.

The field day brought together three guest speakers from three different organisations to talk about the various forms of carbon that existed and the way that each of these interacted with the northern grazing systems. Dr. Chris Stokes from CSIRO Townsville explained the basics behind carbon and the processes for emission and absorption. Dr. Beverley Henry from Meat & Livestock R&D in Brisbane spoke about Methane and other emissions agricultural enterprises. Dr. Stephen Bray from DPI&F Rockhampton presented his research work to identify how on farm activities affected overall carbon emissions or sequestration.

Over 50 landholders from around the district attended the field day and brought with them a number of interesting questions and discussions as well as providing feedback to presenters and the DLC about what areas they wanted to see further research work carried out.

Following the presentations, the group visited local property Mount Oweenee to see first hand the results of works completed as part of the Clarke River & East Burdekin Project. Doug O’Neill explained that through fencing and installation of additional watering points he had been able to better manage the stocking and use of the paddock. As a result the paddock has had wet season spells two year running. The paddock was also aerially seeded with improved pasture species that have now established across the paddock. At the end of the dry season in November 2008, the high level of ground cover was clearly evident, a key indicator of improved land condition and reduced run off during rainfall events.

The 3Cs Field day was a joint initiative of the Dalrymple Landcare Committee and the Clarke River and East Burdekin Project funded and supported through the Australian & Queensland Governments and Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM. Thanks also to the guest speakers from CSIRO, Meat & Livestock Australia and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries.

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