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Tarinda Park Winners in the SPIRAL Good Land Management Awards 2007
16 Feb 2009
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Narration for Placestories Software – Tarinda Park 2007

Tom & myself purchased 'Tarinda Park' in 2002 as a 80 acre block on the Broughton Road, south of Charters Towers. When we first came onto Tarinda Park, there was a massive abundance of weeds, ranging from Chinnee Apple, Lantana, Belly-Ache Bush and Rubbervine.

Our management strategy has been aimed at tackling the weeds using a mix of chemical, mechanical and manual removal techniques. After 2 years, we are finally starting to see solid results. We sought technical advice on strategies to tackle the woody weeds from a host of organisations including; Tropical Weeds Research Centre, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and the Dalrymple Landcare Committee. During this time we became aware of the National Landcare Programme's SPIRAL project hosted by the Dalrymple Landcare Committee. Since then we have been involved in both year 1 & 2 of the SPIRAL project, which has significantly assisted in our fight against the weeds on Tarinda Park.

The combined use of chemicals and front end loader with a modified stick rake has enabled us to clear the bulk of heavy weed infestations from the block. In the future, our focus will shift to follow-up of the woody weeds and significant re-seeding using predominately native grasses. Our long term aim on the block has always been to improve the value and carrying capacity of Tarinda Park, and I feel we have come a long way towards achieving this goal.

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