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Homeview & Carrol Park, Winners in the 2007 SPIRAL Good Land Management Awards
16 Feb 2009
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Narration – Homeview & Carroll Park

Bryan & myself first purchased Homeview in 1995 as an 850 acre block, which played host to a suite of woody weeds. Our aim since first purchasing the block has been to improve the land condition on the block. Today, the results of over ten years of continued effort is clearly visible, with the Chinnee Apple, Rubbervine and Lantana being all but removed from Homeview. In 2000 we purchased a second block of 120 acres called Carroll Park. When purchasing the block we quickly realised we were back to square one, and again worked hard to rid the block of woody weeds.

After having spent well over five thousand dollars a year for over ten years on poisons and chainsaws we are really starting to see a significant difference in the way in which we run our two blocks. In 2005 we became aware of the SPIRAL project, and were successful in achieving a year one project. With woody weeds since removed from the block, we were able to shift our focus to improving erosion problems in gullies on the two blocks. Similarly, we applied for funding for approximately 355kgs of pasture seed which has since been planted on both Homeview and Carroll Park.

Today, both Bryan and myself are very pleased to say that we have come a long way in twelve years, and very pleased with the results. Today, both blocks are heavily grassed and are still managed with land condition values in mind.

Awards Carrol Dalrymple Homeview Landcare Park
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