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NLP Monitoring & Evaluation using digital story-teling
22 May 2009
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Evaluating the outcomes of the National Landcare Program in Queensland using web-based digital PlaceStories.

This project aims to increase the uptake of sustainable agricultural practices by documenting and promoting successful land management actions in an innovative way and easily accessible format.

The project focused on training community landcare coordinators across the fourteen natural resource management (NRM) regions to use basic technology to capture visual and audio information about landcare projects. The stories developed are published on the internet and are used to share information and to evaluate the success of National Landcare Program (NLP) projects. The stories produced are from several NRM regions and demonstrate a cross-section of primary industries supported by the NLP.

PlaceStories developed and published to the Landcare Queensland PlaceStories website (www.landcareqld.placestories.com) under the NLP project have been developed as monitoring and evaluation (M&E) stories using the following framework:

1. Proposed objectives of the project; 2. How the project went/performed as compared to the proposed objectives (targets, key quantities/ measures not necessary by desirable if possible); and 3. How these objectives met the NLP/NRM goal 4. What lessons can we learn, e.g., messages that can be used to improve landuse/ NRM sustainability, long term resilience and profitability, etc; and to improve NLP program delivery (administration).

Overall objectives of the project: • The project will further develop the PlaceStories software for wider application in NLP monitoring and evaluation in other States. • Landcare PlaceStories will be used as a medium for groups to share information relating to land management and production issues. • The project will build the capacity of landcare groups and coordinators to tell their own stories. This capacity will continue to expand as coordinators teach and encourage others throughout Queensland. • The site will unite land managers with investors and volunteers who can help.

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