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Brothers Grimm use Root Blade
22 Jun 2009
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Friends of the Escarpment Parks (Toowoomba) Inc. is a community volunteer organisation started in the early 1990s to help the City Council manage our extensive public bushland parks. To date we have regenerated most of the smaller parks on the upper flatter parts of the escarpment. This has been done entirely by controlling exotic woody weeds - mainly broadleaved privet, lantana, ochna and pavonia – with very little replanting. Control is by uprooting with the Root Blade and by cut stump and stem injection treatment with glyphosate. Very few weeds survive this treatment, but we find that we need to return to each park after several years to control seedlings and the few plants that have regenerated from stumps. We have done little weed control in the larger and steeper parks along the steep slopes of the escarpment; this is better left to Council who mainly use large scale mechanical methods. These parks are also infested with cat’s-claw-creeper and Madeira vine which are harder to control.

It is amazing how much area can be cleared by two septuagenarians and an octogenarian working for one morning each week. It keeps us fit, provides good outdoor exercise and is socially and environmentally beneficial. We need more volunteers.

The Root Blade was invented and developed by Euan McLean (on the left) and has proved to be the easiest and most useful way of uprooting broadleaved privet, lantana and other woody weeds. Nothing survives the Root Blade! Euan continues to develop tools to fit the job.

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Justin Ward Mon, 22 Jun 2009 2:35pm

Can't wait for the next installment Euan - well done !

Justin Ward Mon, 22 Jun 2009 2:38pm

Can't wait for the next installment Euan - well done !

ycally37 Mon, 22 Feb 2010 5:32pm

Keep an eye on the cisco training.