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Our Land Our Future
2 Jul 2009
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Our Land Our Future is an innovative new project made possible by a community awareness grant from the department of the environment and resource management. The outcome of the project will be 6 PlaceStories made by Junior Landcarers about their involvement in the ENERGEX Junior Landcare project in South East Queensland. To find out more about that project check out the ENERGEX Junior Landcare PlaceStory. Landcare Queensland is working with schools to enable Junior Landcarers to use the PlaceStories system to reflect on and to communicate what they learn through their participation in Junior Landcare.

Goals: • To raise awareness of natural resource management issues in three school communities in south East Queensland. • To encourage young people to get involved with Landcare activities in their community both as Junior Landcarers and in the future. • To facilitate intergenerational natural resource management based learning between Junior Landcarers and their local Landcare group. • To Raise the profile of and celebrate the success of the ENERGEX Junior Landcare activity days by enabling Junior Landcarers to make PlaceStories about them.

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