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Brown Lake ENERGEX Junior Landcare Day
28 Sep 2009
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Dunwich State School Brown Lake PlaceStories Script

As one of the largest sand islands in the world, North Stradbroke island is a unique, beautiful and fragile place. For this reason our year 7 class from Dunwich State School is doing our bit to help look after the island with ‘Project Straddie Bufo’ Project Straddie Bufo aims to help control the cane toad population on the island by studying and eradicating cane toads. Last term we visited several sites on the island and humanely eradicated cane toads many thousand cane toads.

On June 5th we teamed up with Landcare Queensland, ENERGEX and Redlands Council to take part in a Junior Landcare Activity day at Brown Lake. Brown Lake is a very important site for indigenous people on Stradbroke island and a popular place for tourists and locals to hang out.

On the ENERGEX Junior Landcare day, we planted nearly one hundred native plants. The plants were specially chosen to promote biodiversity and help stop erosion on the edge of the lake. We also learnt about the importance of using electricity efficiently and how to save electricity from ENERGEX.

We also went looking for cane toads but because there hadn’t been much rain we didn’t find many on this occasion. Landcare Queensland showed us how to test the water quality of the lake by catching water bugs. The type of water bugs we caught showed us that the water in Brown Lake is very clean. Straddie is a very special place with a unique environment and we are doing what we can to keep it that way.

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