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A Walk Through Goorganga Wetlands
22 Apr 2009
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A Walk Through Goorganga Wetlands

Goorganga Wetlands is located on the Proserpine Goorganga Plain located 9 km from Proserpine in the Whitsunday Region. It is bounded by the Proserpine River estuary to the north and the O’Connell River to the south.

The wetland complex is made up of over 16000 hectares of seasonal wetlands, including brackish and saline marshes, freshwater lagoons and marshes, permanent marshes and streams, riverine floodplains, seasonal freshwater lakes and ponds, as well as seasonally flooded forests.

The wetlands are habitat for diversity of flora and fauna. 132 species of birds have been recorded on the Proserpine-Goorganga Plain, including 50 species of water birds and migratory wader species. Both the rare Radjah Shelduck and Black-necked Stork have been observed. Breeding pairs of Brolgas have also been observed near open waterholes and their required sedge communities.

The estuary areas host the most significant Estuarine Crocodile breeding area south of the Wet Tropics.

As well as a diversity of native frogs, reptiles and mammals the wetlands are nursery for recreational and commercial fish species such as Barramundi.

It is also home to productive grazing enterprises.

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