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Ellie Rose Fullbrook Jordan
30 Jun 2008

Ellie Rose Fullbrook Jordan

Mater Mothers

born - 14th October 1995 Gestation - 30 weeks weight - 961 grams length - 35.8cm

photo 1 Baby Jordan 1505 (time???) 24/10/95

photo 2 19th October'My first cuddle feeding 2ml/2hrly

photo 3 22nd october 944g

photo 4 944g 8g over birth weight 13ml/2hrly

Nambour photo 1

Tranferred to Nambour 8th November 26days old 1253g We were bery worried when it was time for Ellie to be transferred, but everyone reassured us and the staff at Nambour were wonderful

photo 2 19th November 1425g

photo 3 December 1st 1690g 37ml/3hrly

HOME at last!

photo 1 1year old 8kg 7 teeth and very noisy

photo 2 a very happy FAMILY

October 1996 Dear doctors, nurses & staff of I.C.U & special care 1 & 2

Just a short note to thankyou so very much for everything, all your help, support care and guidance when our lovely daughter Ellie Rose was born 10 weeks early. To say it was a scary time is an understatement but with your help and Ellie's strong will, we made it. Ellie was transferred to Nambour Hospital to grow & gain weight and then on the 20th December 1995, just 3 days before her due date (66 days old) we finally bought our little girl home.

This week Ellie had her 1st birthday. She is a beautiful, very mobile little girl & we are so very happy, this time last year we had a tiny 961g baby , now she weighs 8kg and is perfectly healthy.

THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts,

Karen, Ken, & Ellie jordan

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