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Paige Taylor Somerwil
30 Jun 2008

Paige Taylor Somerwil 4/9/93 25 weeks 745 grams 31 cm

1- Sept 4 1993 - One hour old 745 grams 31 cm long Delivered by emergency ceasar.

2 - 5 days - Down to 750 grams. Fully ventilated for 3 weeks. CPAP for 2 weeks. Headbox for 7 weeks,

3 - 6 days old There is a beautiful baby under Daddy's hand, but she is awfully tiny.

4 - Day 21 Daddy's first hug. She was so light it was hard to feel her in all those blankets!

5 - Day 50 1300 grams. Mummy's having a hug. Every hug made us stronger and happier.

6 - Day 100 5lb 10oz 2551 grams. Almost ready to go home. We didn't want to miss our party.

7 - Day 111 Boxing Day 1993. We took our big girl home.

8 - Boxing Day 1994 Mummy just had another prem - 32 weeker. Look how big Paige is now!!!!

9 - Our beach bunny One year corrected age Dec 20 1994

10 - Our cheeky one year old after her sleep!

11 - First Birthday Sept 4 1994

We are forever thankful to our God and to all the Doctors, Nurses and Staff at the Mater Hospital for giving us a miricale.

Our daughter gave us many scares in the beginning - however now she is a joy and a living celebration of life and hope.

To all the parents with prem babies we would like to express our hope for you and your little ones

"where there is life there is hope"

Again we say "Thank You for our child"

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