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30 Jun 2008

photo 1 Hi! My name is Kelly and I was born at the Mater Hospital on the 25-8-88. I was born Spina-Bifida and this is me after my operation.

photo 2 This is me in the Special Care Unit with my mum and my 2 brothers. The Special Care Team took great care of me.

photo3 This is me with my family at our home.

photo 4 I am 3months old here and love to see whats going on.

photo 5 I'm 13 monthsnow and sometimes very cheeky! Ilove to dress up too!

photo 6 I love to climb up the slide and my sister makes sure I don't fall. It's lots of fun.

photo 7 This is joy with me. She comes to our house to help me to stand and walk. Joy is my physiotherapist and my friend and we play lots of games.

photo 8 I'm 2 now and I'm starting to get clever with mystanding and balancing.

photo 9 Wow! Look at me. I'm getting strong and quite smart too - don't you think!!

photo 10 Look Out - Here I go. My cart helps me to get to some places that are difficult. I can can keep up with my brothers and sisters

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